Check against trickery

Some important points to avoid any scams. Vacancesweb control all ads before their publications but is not immune to a scam .... Here are some tips to avoid them.

1) Have a plan to the owner or operator with the exact address of the property you rent and verify the accuracy and the actual existence of this address via search engines (eg Google Earth, Google Maps) or book. This address must obviously match the address listed on the lease. Otherwise, though not always obvious, move yourself or ask someone you know in the area to monitor the well for you.

2) To make sure that your location is existing, once you have confirmed your reservation, please call the same contact, a friend and ask them to reserve the same period. If the caller accepts a second reservation for the same property, you will understand quickly that this is a scam.

3) Read all the items in your rental contract. This contract must be signed by the two parties and published in at least two copies.

4) Pour only advance deposit before you arrive. Usually an amount of 30% of the rental price is required.

5) If you are on holiday, never accept a payment from a landlord or property manager resorts. Many scams have been held by criminals who send checks to vacationers and then request full or partial refund of this amount in cash or by bank transfer immediately. Please note that foreign checks may take up to 10 working days to return outstanding!

6) If an offer seems very cheap, beware even more. Such bargains are very little. Be reasonable because with a little experience, you can yourself judge whether a price is correct, disproportionate or really cheap too. 350 € / week for a house 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, sea view with large garden in August in Saint-Tropez, is not possible.

7) To ensure the correspondence between the location and the announcement, ask a movie, additional pictures of the inside and the outside, even as the surrounding area.

8) Check on forums or other social spaces that your booking is not already reported as a scam.